Here’s My Story

Gerald Garland

My name is Gerald Garland, and I’ve been on pontoon boats since I was three years old.

I didn’t know what I was doing back then, of course, but I have a ton of photographs of hanging out with my dad, brothers, sisters, and some extended family on a 22’ pontoon boat while they all fished.

We got rid of that boat when I was ten, because we upgraded!

By that point, I was already spending summer morning and afternoons with my friends and family fishing, or sometimes just lounging.

Some of the best times I’ve ever had were on those two boats. Well, that was until I had my own family, and we’ve been carrying on the tradition.

What is it about pontoon boats specifically?

They’re better for fishing and water skiing, better for families, lower maintenance than most other boat types, and they (quite literally) last a lifetime if you take care of them.

Some folk aren’t picky about what kind of boat they want, they just want something, but you and I know better.

You and I know that pontoon boats are the way to go, and I’m going to teach you everything about them that I possibly can.

Pontoon Ttor is a site of my own creation, and it’s basically thirty-five years of cumulative pontoon boat experience all compiled into one area.

You want to buy a new boat, new equipment, or anything revolving around pontoon boats?

I’ve got your back. I’ll help guide you through the digital landscape and locate the best deals and highest quality products for your pontoon boat.

On top of that, I’ll teach you everything I know about operating them, and how you can make the most out of your pontoon boat going forward.

Let’s get to it.